Creme de la creme of makeup packaging; Kide.

As i’ve said before; I’m a sucker for makeup packaging. Not gonna lie, it’s a big thing when it comes to me buying makeup. And the creme de la creme of makeup containers and packaging is -in my opinion since x years- from the Finnish brand Kide
I mean, come on, look at that! 
From Kide’s website: A contemporary, quality cosmetics brand, with a Finnish design aesthetic. Pure, conscious cosmetics products - designed to create a beautiful, natural looking skin. Free of parabens, talc and perfumes. Packed with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.
According to me these amazingly sleek and very “nordic” containers says exactly that; pure and natural makeup, only the best is good enough, with a touch of scandinavian design.
The actual products are really something special. They are luxurious and very beautiful. You hardly dare to touch them. You want to frame them and stare at them forever. The price? Not cheap, but not Chanel. Invest in one of their products and “feel it”. Maybe you love it, maybe you think “naah, not the best but not the worst either”. In any case, you will have an amazingly beautiful little wooden box in your makeup bag containing something that looks like a small galaxy or a sparkly gemstone.


☼Models and a pretty vibe☼


Models and a pretty vibe

I need base-inspiration!

What’s your favourite base-combination (foundation, concealer, powder, brand etc.)?

Bring me the fat lashes! New in; Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara.

There are mascaras that smears like nothing else, mascaras that begins to crumble after just a few hours and then there is mascaras that dries out after 1-2 months. I happened to me yesterday. My mascara was totally dried out and could no longer be used. Shit! It’s annoying.
But still you stand there and struggle with the brush to get the product out of the package. The result is not good either, and it ends with a bad mascara-day. I know, there are worse things in life. 
After work, I went mascara-hunting. Always exciting - or not at all. But yesterday, It wasn’t that bad. I took a chance and bought a mascara that I read a lot about (since I’m a sucker for Alexa Chung It’s not that hard to understand that I got interested) and that I’ve wanted to try for quite some time now. Eyekos fat brush mascara. A mascara in -for me at least- a brand new type of packaging. A tube. Since I studied -And will continue to do so- design and art, I have a little penchant for fancy packaging. It can play a just as important role to me as the product itself sometimes, but it does not happen very often. With this mascara it was a combination that made ​​me put the turquoise little box on the counter and pay for it. It’s not the most expensive mascara I’ve tried (like a year ago I got the Lancôme doll eyes mascara and decided to at least try it out, and honestly, I hated it, if you want a review, tell me), but if it’s a product that I like I will stick to it, no matter the price. 

I will give you an update on what I think about the mascara later.

The perfect bright red (tomato red) nail polish; Essie’s meet me at sunset.

Oh nail polish, why are you so much fun? Let’s face it, it’s impossible to have to many of them. You just need to. Even though it is a pink, there is still more than like 100 shades of pink. Cool pinks, warm pinks, neon, pastel and so on. 
My absolute favorite color is red and all the shades of it. Boring answer? Naah. It’s classic, it can be dressed up but also turn into something very edgy and cool. The shade that I think I’m most in love with is a bright red that has a bit of orange in it, tomato red almost. And Essie’s “meet me at sunset” is the perfect match for me. It’s the perfect tomato:ish red and looks so chic and cool on the nails. It’s just such a flattering and vibrant color on pale skin, like mine. Perfect for summer and brightens up your appearance in the autumn and winter.
I really recommend you to go and check this little beauty out. 

And hey, did you know that they have changed the brush on the Essie polishes? Because I did not, and wow it made me very happy. I love a wide nail polish brush! It’s so much easier to work with.

This is what I imagine Paris to smell like (and I was bloody right)! Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum.

Just take a moment to admire this little wonderful bottle. Just for a second. The bronze that softly turns into golden in a very simple but sophisticated and luxurious bottle. I don’t own very many perfumes, but I think that it shows that you have a very specific taste in perfume. Only the best is good enough (and it doesn’t have to be Chanel no°5)!
This fragrance is the god among perfumes in my world. I’ve been a big fan of Nuxe for many years now. They never fails to impress me with their rich and divine products that smells exactly as I imagine that Paris (my biggest town-crush) smells. I actually brought a kit of my favorite Nuxe-products when we went to Paris for christmas in 2012 (which, for your information, was the most amazing trip and christmas I’ve ever had) and the combo of my imagination and the real deal (Paris) was freakishly perfect. Made my Paris trip even more magical. 
This scent, the Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum, is an amazing creation that smells like all Nuxes great products together in one bottle. I can’t honestly praise it enough. It reminds me of my trip to Paris, but mostly of a home spa evening, without the bathtub. Hair mask, face mask, exfoliation, a long warm shower with Nuxe’s shower gel and body lotion, and then a little Huile Prodigieuse Oil on dry spots, and a cup of tea.
It works for every occasion and it makes me feel happy. What else do you need? 


Current hair goals (Clemence Poesy. My frikkin’ god that woman is beautiful) or something. Don’t know about the length yet but I’m definitely hyped on going blonde of some sort. Can be fun since it’s my kind of natural shade. That’s at least what’s coming up in my hair roots. But the big QUESTION is; bangs or no bangs?

A part of my updated and current skincare routine.

As I said in the last post, it’s been a while since I wrote here and therefore things have changed in my skincare routine. 

For example, I felt that the Avéne skincare products didn’t “do it” for me and my “problems”. So I sat down and started searching the cyberspace for a new and better skincare product line. And since like 2 months I have used the Murad range for blemish prone skin (the blue one). On their website they said that they didn’t do animal testings on their products, so I hope that’s correct. 
I have the clarifying cleanser, the anti-ageing moisturiser with SPF20 PA++ as a daytime moisturiser (that helps with breakouts) and the essential C night moisturiser as a, well obviously a night cream and it works a lot better than the Avene products ever did. In the beginning my face acted up quite bad because of the change, but after 1-2 weeks my skin got a lot better. 
As a makeup cleanser/pre-cleanser I use the Caudalie instant foaming cleanser, which hydrates and removes makeup very well. I may try out a cleansing balm instead during the winter since my skin is very very dry then and the foaming cleanser may not be as hydrating as I need it to be then, but that’s a further problem to deal with. 
I’ve just finished of my Avene thermal spring water and I’m thinking about trying out one of the Murad toners since I use the Murad range otherwise, but I really like the thermal spring water, so I’m not sure yet.
To really boost my skin and rehydrate it I use the Dermalogica skin hydrating mask (and the M Picaut exfoliating peel mask).
I’m also looking for a serum in the Murad range that can fit my acne-prone/dry skin. What a bloody stupid skin combination that is!

Anyway. I’m going to bed now. It’s my second to last day at work tomorrow and I can’t tell you enough how much I long to Friday, then I’m free and two weeks after that I’m back in art school baby! 

M Picaut Exfoliating Peel Mask (with havtorn, jojoba and phragmites).

It’s been a while since I wrote here. Not gonna lie. It hasn’t been priority number one in my life the last months, but hey, I’m only human.
Since last time a lot has happened, both in my life and in my bathroom cabinet.
One thing that happened to both my life and my bathroom cabinet is the M Picaut exfoliating peel mask. M Picaut is a swedish skincare brand that I just love like a madman. Their products are truly amazing and makes my face happier than Pharell, and I think that says a lot. The exfoliating peel mask is a peeling face mask, or a face mask with a peeling effect; it works both ways. It’s extremely gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling reborn. Do I have to tell that it smells amazing? Well, it does. I was pretty unsure if I wanted to buy it in the beginning, since it’s kinda pricey, but don’t be fooled. Because this little rascal lasts forever it feels like. And since last time I wrote I’ve done some major changes in my skincare and therefore I think it’s ok to spend a little more money on products that I know works well and products with the best ingredienses.

The price then? 359kr (swedish crowns) at Hudoteket, which is like 31 british pounds. If you live in Sweden you can buy it at Hudoteket which is one of my favorite online skincare retailers. 

I also recommend you to try the M Picaut hydrating water with havtorn, aloe vera and trollhassel. It’s the thing!

Well, isn’t that neat! From Lulu Guinness and you can buy it on ASOS.

Well, isn’t that neat! From Lulu Guinness and you can buy it on ASOS.